less1 W1S1 [les] adv
1.) not so much or to a smaller degree
≠ ↑more
Maybe he would worry less if he understood the situation.
In recent years she has appeared in public less frequently.
less (...) than
Tickets were less expensive than I had expected.
much/a lot/far less
Social class matters a lot less than it used to.
not ... any the less/no less
(=not less)
Your second point is no less important.
It's a common problem but this doesn't make it any the less disturbing.
I know he's done a dreadful thing, but I don't love him any the less.
be less a... than a...
(=be not so much like one thing as another)
'Will you please come with me?' It was less a request than a command.
2.) less than helpful/honest/enthusiastic etc
not at all helpful, honest etc
He was less than enthusiastic about the idea.
3.) less and less
used to say that a quality, situation etc gradually decreases
≠ ↑more and more
As the years went by, he seemed to care less and less about his reputation.
Smoking in the workplace is becoming less and less acceptable.
4.) much/still less
used to say that a greater thing is even less true, likely, or possible than the thing you have just mentioned
These people can scarcely afford to buy food, still less luxury goods like perfume.
I didn't think Dave would ever read a book, much less write one himself.
less 2
less2 W1S1 determiner, pron
a) a smaller amount or not as much
≠ ↑more
Doctors recommend eating less salt.
People today seem to have less time for each other.
Most of us got £4 an hour, but some received even less.
less of
The map covered less of the area than I'd thought.
Flying is less of a risk than driving.
less (...) than
She knows less than I do about it.
less than 10/100 etc
a distance of less than 100 metres
much/a lot less
It costs much less to go by bus.
b) used to mean 'fewer' or 'not as many', although many people think this use is incorrect
≠ ↑more
There were less people there than we expected.
see usage notefew
2.) no less
a) used to emphasize that an amount or number is large
no less than
By 1977, the USA was importing no less than 45% of its oil.
b) used to emphasize that the person or thing you are talking about is important or impressive
Our awards were presented by the mayor, no less.
The message came from no less a person than the prime minister.
3.) nothing less than sth
used to emphasize how important, serious, or impressive something is
His appearance in the show was nothing less than a sensation.
4.) less and less
a decreasing amount of something
≠ ↑more and more
They began spending less and less time together.
less and less of
The band was doing less and less of that kind of music.
5.) in less than no time
very quickly or very soon
In less than no time they found that they owed over $10,000.
6.) less of sth
BrE spoken used to tell a child to stop doing something
Less of that noise, please!
less 3
less3 prep formal
taking away or not including a particular amount
What is 121 less 36?
He gave us our money back, less the $2 service charge.

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